Welcome to our site

Welcome to our site. We are a man and woman team of a knitter and sewer and we have developed this site.We hope you like it and enjoy using it.

New ideas will be coming along soon as we add our stock. Our aim is to provide you with a wide choice of items related to teddies, toys and garments.There are also tote bags and Christmas Decorations and other seasonal items as there will be many other items over time. We hope you will enjoy looking at the site, like what we make and sell,and purchase our goods.

We value your custom and appreciate feed back which is constructive and feeds us ideas you feel we might use to develop the site further, or the range of items we might make or carry.

If there are any items you require please do ask as we are able to make other items. This site shows a   selection of our stock. We also have other craft friends who we can ask it you want specific things.

Enjoy and we hope it pleases you.

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